Sunday, December 28, 2008

RD350 - AutoEscorts CDI kit

It was long time since I updated this page, actually many things happen during the interval. The recent flood caused by rainfall in Velachery, Chennai, My RD350 was submerged into water and I had to do a lot in the engine again as the water went inside the engine parts.
The crank bearings were wet and spoilt hence we reset the crank and changed to new bearings again. Obviously I can let my RD to sleep for long due to unattended issues.

Now the bike rocks back however I found few minor issues with the CDI kit that I’m currently using, so decided to convert it to superior quality CDI kits made by AutoEscorts. The same manufactures are also supplying their CDI kits for all the Royal Enfield products in India as OE suppliers.

The unit has been arrived and waiting for good time to get into my Bike, let me hope for the best to happen. As of now the feedback from current users of this CDI has been so good and they respond saying it gives above 18kmpl mileage while top speed touches around 140+.
The CDI kit comes with 2 ignition coils, 2 CDI units (for RD350), 1 wiring harness, 1 Pulzar ignition wiring and 1 Magneto cam replacement cap.

The very special feature of this CDI is that, it doesn’t require the OE magneto replacement. To fit this CDI one needs to remove the condensers, points and ignition coils from the stock bike and refit everything that comes in the CDI pack. Hence not much of alteration compare to other CDI units.
As my bike is using Yamaha RX135 model’s CDI kit, the previous owner has removed the stock magneto assembly hence I was searching for a generator assy and found one for the same purpose.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yamaha RD350 - Trade Meet

It is actually my mechanic who brought the idea of taking pictures of the RD350 that he has done and put on sale. (below bike didn't come for the meet, but I had this picture earlier)He requested me to post the pictures and bike details on the internet for some one who may be interested in buying the bikes.I had a gala time in trying out different restored RD350 today.

These are the picture taken during today's meet, if some one interested in taking the Silver or Blue colored bikes, please post your comments here.
I found the chambered RD350 runs and sounds better than the RD350s with stock silencers.
Also don't forget to write your contact number so I can pass them to the mechanic who may come in contact with you.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Aaudha Pooja – Celebrations with Yamaha RD350

Today it is a festival dedicated to the equipments that we use for every other work. Hence automobiles are considered as equipment that supports mobility.

The pooja was celebrated in the mechanic’s garage, here is a video clip of the event today.

Hope you would have noticed couple of other RD350s parked at the garage.

I got a chance to showcase the turn signal solution for RD350 today, this is the custom-made turn signal light stem used in the RD350s worked out in my mechanic’s garage.The stem can hold the normal Yamaha RX100’s dome and lens to give RD350’s complete turn signal setup while reducing the parts issue.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Yamaha RD350 Street legal in India

The bike is completely ready but what about papers? I was in rush to find the answer and found that I need to do the following:
  1. New Insurance policy
  2. Non-Pollution certificate
  3. Fitness test and Renewal of Registration Certificate
  4. Cancellation of Higher Purchase endorsement
  5. Tax payment for the past 11 years
  6. and Transfer of Ownership

Now you know why I was not running the bike regularly on the road.

So, my action started with filing a new insurance policy. Here in India no insurance company ready to even give subscription for 3rd party insurance for older vehicles, rather you need to tip the insurance agent and employees of the insurance companies for getting the 3rd party insurance. After running for 3 days finally I had my Insurance ready so now it is turn for other RTO (Regional transport office) related work. But my bike was registered in the capital of nearby state Kerala, so I need to take the bike to originating RTO which is 900+ kms from Chennai where I stay. Driving a bike without current papers is not so good so I decided to transport the bike and myself in Train. After booking the tickets I drove the bike to Chennai Central station and packed the bike with most care for getting away from transport time damages. The Coolie guys in railway station charged me Rs.350 for boarding and packing of the bike, but I still need to tip the gatekeeper in the station. Alas when everything done and we pushed the bike to parcel compartment of the train, we found they have already shut the parcel van and sealed it. Ohh I have to go on the train otherwise I won’t get ticket for next train, so with full of doubts I gave the bike to the coolie guys and boarded in the train towards Trivandrum.After a long journey in the Train, I reached Trivandrum and went to my relatives place for fresh-up. Soon I got a call from fellow RD owner in Trivandrum called Joy. He is the hero of the whole trip and without him the work would have been impossible. With Joy’s help I have received the bike from railway station (coolie charges Rs.150), it came in the next train and fitted the side view mirrors and indicators which were removed during the transport and we fixed our services for RTO work with a RTO agent. Joy also gifted me with a steering lock (OE Rajdoot) with packing, WoW my long pending parts list stroked with one item. The next morning was our re-test, as planned we were at the RTO place and the retest done without much difficulties. In fact the Inspector didn’t even bother to start the bike just by the looks he said everything ok. :- ) man.. I’m still in India. I forgot to mention, Joy rides a Tamilnadu registered blue color RD350 LT. Both mine and his bikes rocked the roads of Trivandrum for two days.By 5P.M in the evening on last Saturday, I received a new Registration Certificate with all current status. At least for next 5 years I have not many problems for legal papers as all other tax payment will made yearly once without bringing the bike to RTO. Finally we(forgot to tell I went with my family) boarded in the train with my bike (coolie charges for packing and boarding the bike Rs. 300) and received the bike in this morning in Chennai (Again coolie charges Rs.150). Thanks a ton to Joy for making my bike street legal.

The following expenses have been made for the whole trip:

RTO work: Rs. 5500
Coolie charges: Rs. 950
Rail parcel charges (two ways): Rs. 2,250
Mechanical work for fitting and removing indicators: Rs.50
My train fare: 1800

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Essential Consumables & Tools - Yamaha RD350

This is time to start collecting the essential spares(consumables) and tools for my RD350. Guys pour all your inputs so I can start collecting them. I need the exact tool that needs to be placed under the seat of RD350.

As I was reading through some of the fellow RD350 owner's blogs I have found everyone keeping a set of spare spark plug, hence here it goes. I just got a set of MICO (BOSCH licenced) manufactured in Hosur road of Adugodi, Bangalore. You please let me know is there any other better brand I can use in my RD350. Have seen the internet people suggesting NGK etc. is it really matters to use costlier replacement than of made in India stuffs ? if yes, let me know why?Apart from the spark plugs, currently nothing available with me as spare for my RD350. Though I have some idea of what are the other consumables to be carried along such as
  • Clutch cable
  • and Accelerator cable
and the Owners Tool Kit

The Owners tools provided in the owners tool kit are sufficient for performing the service as described in the lubrication and maintenance chart
  • Spanner open jaw 7 x 10
  • Spanner open jaw 13 x 17
  • Spanner open jaw 19 x 22
  • Screw Driver Combination slotted & Phillips type
  • Grip Driver (Box spanner 13)
  • Box spanner 17 x 21
  • Cap Grip Driver
  • Spanner Point 5.5 x 8
  • Plier
  • Hexogon Socket Screw Key 5A/F"
  • Spanner special 22 x 30
Location: Below Fuel Tank

Let me know if you guys found something is missing on my list. Will soon update each and ever item that I have listed above with a picture displayed after I procure them.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bangy in Help - Yamaha RD350B accessories

Readers, Thank you so much for your encouragement on my RD350 restoration. As many of you suggested me to find and fix the carrier and crash guards that came with Rajdoot RD350 during the age old days, I rolled my search to all the scrap markets in various parts of this country and got a call from one of my pal in Bangalore. That's it me on the way to Bangy and got the stuffs that you guys urged me to fix. The carrier was full and needs only installationbut the crash bar was not installalable contidtion as I still need to holder plates that stands between the crash bar and the bike's chase. If you some one know where is it available do let me know.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Savager - My RD350

This post is to let the world know I'm naming my RD350 as "Savager". The adjective is marked by extreme and violent energy.
Now you know how good the name matches to the bike. I thank my Jeep Guru "Mr.UBS" for giving a suggestion on this name.Today after a first drive to office, I found couple of teething issue hence the bike has been sent back to the mechanic to fix the problems. Looks like the engine advances faster than the normal and same will be corrected today.
My trip to Bangalore fixed to fetch the missing spares for the RD350 today.

Update: Some one asked me about the tube that runs between the manifolds like "what is it in between the block and the cabs ........ the pipe joining the 2rubbers.......can u pls explain what is it for.... " I answered him with the below email, I'm posting it here to answer as many as who can get same query.

This is modern manifold design found on the Banshee / RZ350, with Balance tube. The balance tube will help cure flat spots, improve throttle response and mileage. It works like a boost bottle. The design acts like a reed stuffer. Unlike the stock RD/RZ manifolds where your intake velocity drops sharply as it enters the reed cage. These manifolds improve and sustain higher in take velocity.
To improver further we can go with Boost bottle setup, Just need to replace the balance tube with the boost bottle. The Manifold stays as such.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Curtain Raiser!!! - Rajdoot (Yamaha) RD350B

Officially I announce that my Yamaha RD350 is back to his original glory. The restoration was successful.Got to compromise couple of items for using non-standard color or design due to unavailability of spares such as indicator holders, License plate on the timing cover, Crash bar, Carrier and fork lock.
I hope I will slowly locate them to fit it on my Yamaha RD350. This is the newest bike in Chennai road today.
Yamaha RD350 reborn now. I need to get the birth registered now, as the papers are outdated and needed another ten grants to fix the legal issues.Except the tank sticker I have retained all other Rajdoot original spares. The illumination of the main console, WoW I have attained the RD enlightenment today.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Give me RED... Rajdoot (Yamaha) RD350 LT

Another important step in restoring a classic bike is to bring it to its original color. As my RD350 registration book says red as color. Here is my attempt to restore the bike to its original color. I heard someone saying "German Red" as a code to identify the RD350 original red color. Though the Indian version of RD350 is stamped with Rajdoot on the tank and even few of my friends suggested to stick it as it is an Indian bike. I somehow got to like the Yamaha (origin) name on the tank.
Hence same has been sprayed over the paintable parts. Though the Chassis and engine are already painted with black already, the Red stands the color of my bike. Here are the exact parts painted with Red other than the tank which is shown above.Tomorrow going to be the day for rest of my restoration to complete, hopefully as the mechanic promises I will take the delivery of my red beauty in the afternoon. Otherwise I will wait for few more days to pick it up as I have plans to go out of station by Sunday.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yamaha RD350B - Assembly update

Hey whattzup with your bike ? a question that is been asked couple of hundred times by everyone around. Also for next couple of days I won't be here in Chennai hence it will become too difficult to update this blog for few days.
So just rushed to the garage and furnished the details for you guys who are reading here. The engine block is completely setup including the head and barrels.
Just needs to fix the tank, headlight and side shields. They are anyway going to take 2 more days as the painting, sticker works are pending already.

The wiring is also in the speed look around the console plate almost things are in place. Also the mechanical cables are set to be connected. They are all popping up over the handle bar here and there.Fork bolt was actually rusted to unrepairable hence managed to source another good one, look at the glittering Allan key type fork bolts in the mechanic's hand.Finally the clutch assembly was set and fixed properly, another milestone. I'm just few yards away to hear the sound of my storm.In addition, here is the picture of another RD350 which was made by the mechanic few months ago with original YAMAHA XJR1300's shocks imported from Singapore. Actually the person who fitted it in his bike wanted to sell it (Price quoted is Rs.4000), if anyone interested contact me with your contact details. Infact the bike is also for sale with standard shocks. Hmmm one more near to stock recently build bike is also available with my mechanic for sale (that bike's pictures are not available at the moment.)The above blue colored RD350 is not mine and just uploaded to support my answer for Ravi who commented early in this day.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Building the legend - Yamaha RD350B restoration

Yahoooooo! I have witnessed a bike shape back with my RD350 in the assembly line. My Bike is a 18year old legally major to drive the crowd on the road. The assembling process is growing rapidly to catch up with the road runners. I 'm too excited now, bike god make this bike recovered soon so I can ride it at the earliest. I could see the whole garage is scattered with the parts of my RD as everyone out there is seriously working on each and every nuts and bolts.Guys reading this blog: post your suggestion for a name to this bike. I know it is Rajdoot (Yamaha) RD350, but to differentiate from my automobile lineup I wanted to give a unique name. My Mahindra Classic jeep was named as an “Explorer” to remind its ability to go on any terrain searching for a path. Likewise I would like to key a name for the RD350. Some of my ideas are listed here, you can also suggest something

  • Infinity
  • RACE
  • Speed
  • Light
  • P.A.N.T.H.E.R

Thursday, July 24, 2008

RD350 - Restoration assembly unit

Tic Tic Tic... There is a progress, every moment I call the mechanic I hear he saying some thing or other getting improved and results are validated. As he stated the frame is set on assembly unit ;-) for consolidating spare parts into a complete bike.Yesterday as he was assembling the bike and now I would like to Introduce Mr.Pattabi - Yamaha RD350 Mechanic in here. He is my official mechanic and one of the well known name in Chennai,India for Yamaha RD350. The garage is filled with parts related to RD350's and quite a few RACE bike's.I visit the garage once in a while and when visited the garage yesterday this was what happening with my bike. The new chrome plated spokes and the rim were first impression and attraction yesterday as it was placed on the street side of the garage.
Almost all the body parts are wearing new coat of paint or plating. Look at the engine covers they are real eye-catchers.
The broken engine cover was replaced with another used one, but now no one will say it is used. After the painting and puffing the covers are too good.The aluminum parts were gone through puffing process so they look illuminating. Especially the wheel hubs where one got to see the most of exposed aluminium surface.The heads and blocks were looking real nice, since we didn't re-bore the power terrain, this bike got nothing to worry about the performance related areas. As my bike never had issue with performance. Only that it was crying for new dress and body work.Even the steel parts were made to look new, I don't have any idea how could he make the most dirty part of my bike (the sprocket) to look as if just out from the factory.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Desired Gift for RD350

Some time I desperately search for something without luck in finding them in time. But some times the moment I think I need this one for some purpose I get the desired item by some other way instantly. You know what that happen to my RD350 restoration dreams recently. Yes, as the engine build up is on the spin, I was thinking I will get one set of good screw kit which are not iron made to prevent rust formation.

My friend who is well known in JEEP, RD350 and Yezdi clubs with the nick name MadBull Ram returned from US of A recently with a the above said desired gift. I don’t think if anything else would have made me so much excited, we in India don’t even have a wish list to express the desired gifts but he is a real predictor. We didn’t even meet before, but he predicted my pulse and brought me a set of engine screw kit for the RD350. He has gifted the set of stainless steel screw kit(Alan key type) from US of A for me to use in my RD350. My heartfelt thanks to Madbull RAM for such a precious gift.The kit was packed in a sealed compartments with exact numbers required for complete engine build-up. The screws,nuts and washers are superior in quality and the way it was presented made me to think, why in the hell here in India we don’t have such “packaged micro parts” for the RD350?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yamaha RD350 - Clean Engine cases

All the patching and tinkering work completed in the bike. Now from the foot rest to engine case all are ready for build-up.The painting of chassis also started and engine case is neat and clean.
Look at my previous post and this post see how the engine looks after a thorough cleaning.
I didn’t know what was used to clean the engine cover, but it looked brand new. Found the engine side covers also, so my major worries have gone. Also the headlight ears are also found from the mechanic’s old stock.This weekend the actual build-up of engine will start. Much awaited process to see the bike growing up.