Friday, August 8, 2008

Give me RED... Rajdoot (Yamaha) RD350 LT

Another important step in restoring a classic bike is to bring it to its original color. As my RD350 registration book says red as color. Here is my attempt to restore the bike to its original color. I heard someone saying "German Red" as a code to identify the RD350 original red color. Though the Indian version of RD350 is stamped with Rajdoot on the tank and even few of my friends suggested to stick it as it is an Indian bike. I somehow got to like the Yamaha (origin) name on the tank.
Hence same has been sprayed over the paintable parts. Though the Chassis and engine are already painted with black already, the Red stands the color of my bike. Here are the exact parts painted with Red other than the tank which is shown above.Tomorrow going to be the day for rest of my restoration to complete, hopefully as the mechanic promises I will take the delivery of my red beauty in the afternoon. Otherwise I will wait for few more days to pick it up as I have plans to go out of station by Sunday.

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Madbull-Ram said...

Awesome.... the red family is going to stand out :)))))