Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yamaha NOS Standard pistons arrived

Wanted to see how my bike rides with a Standard size piston kit, quickly got a freshly sleeved barrels and original ART piston kit from Japan.
Are RD350 LC and RD350 AC pistons are same ? What you see above is a RD350 Liquid Cooled cylinder's piston

I have got a set of Original NOS Yamaha ART pistons shipped from overseas with the part number reading 4L0-11631-00.

I'm now confused as the part number search from google resulted that this Piston is a LC piston. Anyone got an idea if the same piston could be used in Air Cooled RD350 ? I'm only looking at the compatibility of LC and AC pistons.

Since both the bikes are 350CC and I guess the pison or the cylinder inner dia should match right ? Even if it matches is there any issue in the material used ? too many questions right, thats where my mind is working now. Soon I will get the answer and proceed with the plan.

I hope to do this experiment in the near future to drive the bike in standard sleeved barrels with original yamaha pistons.