Monday, April 20, 2009

Rajdoot RD350 - fresh from the factory

Fresh the word always sounds exciting, let it be edible item or something for the RD 350. I managed to grab the every wanted "Front Mudguard", YAAAAaaaaaaaaahooooooooooooooo it is factory fresh. The picture below shows the new mudguard and the old Rajdoot 175CC bike's modified mudguard which I was using in my RD350. The Bike is getting ready for the final make up of the engine. Oh yeah the bike revs good but I still wanted to smell the std. size cylinders performance.I also got few more items for the bike including a set of old electrical consoles on the handle bar. They looks sturdy but the switches seems to be gone for a task. I will still restore them and use it in my bike.Another achievement that makes my radar proud is that the original RD350 seat with beading. I remember buying a replica seat and last minute finding prevented me fitting the same on my Savager. But now having the OE fresh stock, makes my next attempt to restore the bike in high ramp.
At the end of this service, I will be requiring only the silencers in better condition than of what is installed on my bike now. What next? hmm the mudguard tail light and number plate holder setup, here it is:

Monday, April 6, 2009

Finding OE Spare parts - Rajdoot RD350

It's been tough job to find the OE parts for my bike during the restoration, hence I have decided to collect whatever parts comes on my way. Here are few items I recently found from someone and grabbed it for myself.

Now the person who had them all have no spares as all are in my custody. ;-)

Fork Cone and Front fork oil seals

Seat lock
Engine oil seal kit and Full Gasket kit for RD350