Sunday, December 28, 2008

RD350 - AutoEscorts CDI kit

It was long time since I updated this page, actually many things happen during the interval. The recent flood caused by rainfall in Velachery, Chennai, My RD350 was submerged into water and I had to do a lot in the engine again as the water went inside the engine parts.
The crank bearings were wet and spoilt hence we reset the crank and changed to new bearings again. Obviously I can let my RD to sleep for long due to unattended issues.

Now the bike rocks back however I found few minor issues with the CDI kit that I’m currently using, so decided to convert it to superior quality CDI kits made by AutoEscorts. The same manufactures are also supplying their CDI kits for all the Royal Enfield products in India as OE suppliers.

The unit has been arrived and waiting for good time to get into my Bike, let me hope for the best to happen. As of now the feedback from current users of this CDI has been so good and they respond saying it gives above 18kmpl mileage while top speed touches around 140+.
The CDI kit comes with 2 ignition coils, 2 CDI units (for RD350), 1 wiring harness, 1 Pulzar ignition wiring and 1 Magneto cam replacement cap.

The very special feature of this CDI is that, it doesn’t require the OE magneto replacement. To fit this CDI one needs to remove the condensers, points and ignition coils from the stock bike and refit everything that comes in the CDI pack. Hence not much of alteration compare to other CDI units.
As my bike is using Yamaha RX135 model’s CDI kit, the previous owner has removed the stock magneto assembly hence I was searching for a generator assy and found one for the same purpose.