Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yamaha RD350B - Assembly update

Hey whattzup with your bike ? a question that is been asked couple of hundred times by everyone around. Also for next couple of days I won't be here in Chennai hence it will become too difficult to update this blog for few days.
So just rushed to the garage and furnished the details for you guys who are reading here. The engine block is completely setup including the head and barrels.
Just needs to fix the tank, headlight and side shields. They are anyway going to take 2 more days as the painting, sticker works are pending already.

The wiring is also in the speed look around the console plate almost things are in place. Also the mechanical cables are set to be connected. They are all popping up over the handle bar here and there.Fork bolt was actually rusted to unrepairable hence managed to source another good one, look at the glittering Allan key type fork bolts in the mechanic's hand.Finally the clutch assembly was set and fixed properly, another milestone. I'm just few yards away to hear the sound of my storm.In addition, here is the picture of another RD350 which was made by the mechanic few months ago with original YAMAHA XJR1300's shocks imported from Singapore. Actually the person who fitted it in his bike wanted to sell it (Price quoted is Rs.4000), if anyone interested contact me with your contact details. Infact the bike is also for sale with standard shocks. Hmmm one more near to stock recently build bike is also available with my mechanic for sale (that bike's pictures are not available at the moment.)The above blue colored RD350 is not mine and just uploaded to support my answer for Ravi who commented early in this day.


Madbull-Ram said...

Awesome siva....reminds of my RDs build.,..waiting to heat THE STORM

arun said...

hey, siva, i would like to buy those shox.Thats why i asked that question earlier.It performs well na? Can you courier it to me? Give me your ICCI a/c number if any. I'll put the money into that account. Or else, will send you a D.D including the courier charges. my mail id is please reply ASAP

TuffRyder said...

Wow! Its great to see people like you who spend so much time on their passion. This is what counts and not the money. Cheers. All the best.