Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yamaha RD350B - Assembly update

Hey whattzup with your bike ? a question that is been asked couple of hundred times by everyone around. Also for next couple of days I won't be here in Chennai hence it will become too difficult to update this blog for few days.
So just rushed to the garage and furnished the details for you guys who are reading here. The engine block is completely setup including the head and barrels.
Just needs to fix the tank, headlight and side shields. They are anyway going to take 2 more days as the painting, sticker works are pending already.

The wiring is also in the speed look around the console plate almost things are in place. Also the mechanical cables are set to be connected. They are all popping up over the handle bar here and there.Fork bolt was actually rusted to unrepairable hence managed to source another good one, look at the glittering Allan key type fork bolts in the mechanic's hand.Finally the clutch assembly was set and fixed properly, another milestone. I'm just few yards away to hear the sound of my storm.In addition, here is the picture of another RD350 which was made by the mechanic few months ago with original YAMAHA XJR1300's shocks imported from Singapore. Actually the person who fitted it in his bike wanted to sell it (Price quoted is Rs.4000), if anyone interested contact me with your contact details. Infact the bike is also for sale with standard shocks. Hmmm one more near to stock recently build bike is also available with my mechanic for sale (that bike's pictures are not available at the moment.)The above blue colored RD350 is not mine and just uploaded to support my answer for Ravi who commented early in this day.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Building the legend - Yamaha RD350B restoration

Yahoooooo! I have witnessed a bike shape back with my RD350 in the assembly line. My Bike is a 18year old legally major to drive the crowd on the road. The assembling process is growing rapidly to catch up with the road runners. I 'm too excited now, bike god make this bike recovered soon so I can ride it at the earliest. I could see the whole garage is scattered with the parts of my RD as everyone out there is seriously working on each and every nuts and bolts.Guys reading this blog: post your suggestion for a name to this bike. I know it is Rajdoot (Yamaha) RD350, but to differentiate from my automobile lineup I wanted to give a unique name. My Mahindra Classic jeep was named as an “Explorer” to remind its ability to go on any terrain searching for a path. Likewise I would like to key a name for the RD350. Some of my ideas are listed here, you can also suggest something

  • Infinity
  • RACE
  • Speed
  • Light
  • P.A.N.T.H.E.R

Thursday, July 24, 2008

RD350 - Restoration assembly unit

Tic Tic Tic... There is a progress, every moment I call the mechanic I hear he saying some thing or other getting improved and results are validated. As he stated the frame is set on assembly unit ;-) for consolidating spare parts into a complete bike.Yesterday as he was assembling the bike and now I would like to Introduce Mr.Pattabi - Yamaha RD350 Mechanic in here. He is my official mechanic and one of the well known name in Chennai,India for Yamaha RD350. The garage is filled with parts related to RD350's and quite a few RACE bike's.I visit the garage once in a while and when visited the garage yesterday this was what happening with my bike. The new chrome plated spokes and the rim were first impression and attraction yesterday as it was placed on the street side of the garage.
Almost all the body parts are wearing new coat of paint or plating. Look at the engine covers they are real eye-catchers.
The broken engine cover was replaced with another used one, but now no one will say it is used. After the painting and puffing the covers are too good.The aluminum parts were gone through puffing process so they look illuminating. Especially the wheel hubs where one got to see the most of exposed aluminium surface.The heads and blocks were looking real nice, since we didn't re-bore the power terrain, this bike got nothing to worry about the performance related areas. As my bike never had issue with performance. Only that it was crying for new dress and body work.Even the steel parts were made to look new, I don't have any idea how could he make the most dirty part of my bike (the sprocket) to look as if just out from the factory.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Desired Gift for RD350

Some time I desperately search for something without luck in finding them in time. But some times the moment I think I need this one for some purpose I get the desired item by some other way instantly. You know what that happen to my RD350 restoration dreams recently. Yes, as the engine build up is on the spin, I was thinking I will get one set of good screw kit which are not iron made to prevent rust formation.

My friend who is well known in JEEP, RD350 and Yezdi clubs with the nick name MadBull Ram returned from US of A recently with a the above said desired gift. I don’t think if anything else would have made me so much excited, we in India don’t even have a wish list to express the desired gifts but he is a real predictor. We didn’t even meet before, but he predicted my pulse and brought me a set of engine screw kit for the RD350. He has gifted the set of stainless steel screw kit(Alan key type) from US of A for me to use in my RD350. My heartfelt thanks to Madbull RAM for such a precious gift.The kit was packed in a sealed compartments with exact numbers required for complete engine build-up. The screws,nuts and washers are superior in quality and the way it was presented made me to think, why in the hell here in India we don’t have such “packaged micro parts” for the RD350?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yamaha RD350 - Clean Engine cases

All the patching and tinkering work completed in the bike. Now from the foot rest to engine case all are ready for build-up.The painting of chassis also started and engine case is neat and clean.
Look at my previous post and this post see how the engine looks after a thorough cleaning.
I didn’t know what was used to clean the engine cover, but it looked brand new. Found the engine side covers also, so my major worries have gone. Also the headlight ears are also found from the mechanic’s old stock.This weekend the actual build-up of engine will start. Much awaited process to see the bike growing up.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yamaha RD350 - Engine cover fixed

Off late the mechanic of my RD350, found a way out for the broken bottom cover of the engine. That is to take the case to the aluminium fabricator to fix the broken part. You know what the fabricator has tinkered it well so the broken area got the original shape.Though the area where a small piece of the metal broke off is a screw mount, after the tinker's work it looks great and fits properly. You can see a bright white area in the above picture where the actual fix was applied, if the above picture is not clear, have a look at the area from bottom view(bright area next to the orange colored stuff). Since the broken engine side cover is bit of thin fabrication, the tinker couldn’t fix it as he could do for the bottom cover. Hence search is on swing.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rajdoot RD350 – Used spares

Yet another luckiest day as to receive the next consignment of parts for my RD350. Though this time, the parts are used ones, but they are good to go once painted and polished. I’ve got a deal from a friend in kerala and he sold those parts used in its ex-RD350 bikes. There were mostly the body parts so no issues.
The above picture shows assorted items such as front break & clutch levers (they are original Rajdoot and new), Yamaha clutch housing, front break adjuster, read valves, fancy plastic piece on the side shield, spark plug cap, meter console rubbers, front shock absorber cover and a gear like wheel (not sure what it is).The deal also came along with a .010 TKR piston set; sure it is not useful to me. But I can give it to someone who really needs it.
Finally I got the headlight doom with chrome plated cover ring(new part from old stock) along with RD350 original seat assembly with the aluminium beading on the sides. Also the front fork tubes, I’m really not sure if my bike needs it, but let me hold it for future use.
Mudguards and center stand is also added to the list, I need only chrome and paint those stuffs with minimal tinkering left.I don’t know if anyone would have seen the old RAJDOOT mud flap, here it is.
The Yamaha license plate and monograms needs somecutting work for the monogram.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yamaha RD350 - Parts Part and Parts

Newly imported spares… Old stock OE new spares… New local spares… Used spares… search is going like this for my RD350. The main sources are Orkut, Yahoo groups, Ebay, Classifieds, my Mechanic and Local automobile spare part shops. Found a set of speedo & RPM meter with the console and bottom plate, but I have them in my bike too… what to do, these items are original Rajdoot used stuffs… let me collect them so if anyone got any spare that I might need during my restoration, I can use this item for exchange. (Not really interested in making money with the hard to find Rajdoot RD350 spares, but for Exchange of spares to my own RD350.)
Found some items original and same quality of OE items. Lucky to have the original rim and bottleneck spokes kit.
hmmm my search for spares is going on and on and on and on… wait… got the Escorts rear shock absorbers for the RD350.Also the Yamaha Genuine friction plate (clutch plate)