Friday, May 30, 2008

Yamaha RD350 - Spare part collection

Guys, yesterday was great I could manage to source some OE and local spare parts (Just for temporary use if I need to wait long for OE spares) for my Rajdoot RD350. I'm once again back to search for the parts required, I have been calling and speaking to people who could help me out in the restoration. As the major part of restoration lies in collecting spares, I'm searching each and every OE item what I could get at the earliest.
The OE parts from above picture are packed in Rajdoot packing (Rear break pedal, Fork boots, Break shoes), Tail lamp lens(It's my bad luck to find a OE with a hair crack in white colored area in the bottom side) and one of the 3 indicator lens are OE(The OE lens inner top part is smaller than the local makes).
Look at here the tail lamp lens(one OE lens) with Rajdoot printed on it. Its been years since I was the Rajdoot logo. I'm proud to see this in my own restoration after a long time of extinction.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yamaha RD350 - First set of spare requirement

Today the mechanic visited my door step to asses the bike's current condition and estimated the spare requirement for complete restoration. He listed the following spares, hence my search is on already. If any of my readers find this spares anywhere near to be, please do drop me a email.

  • Crank Shaft
  • Main Bearing
  • Oil Seal (LC make)
  • Crank 'O' ring
  • clutch Plate
  • Clutch Bell
  • Clutch 'O' ring
  • Clutch Big 'O' ring
  • Gaskit
  • Gear Shaft
  • Gear Lever
  • Rear Stay pin with Bush
  • Manifold (RX100) - [read valve]
  • Cable kit - Clutch cable, Front Break cable, RPM cable, Accelarator cable, Speedo meter cable
  • Rubber kit
  • Fork Bolts
  • Fork Oilseal
  • Fork Boot
  • Headlight doom, cover ring
  • Side shield wings
  • Center Stand
  • Front and Rear Mud flap
  • Front footrest for gearlever
  • Front & Rear Mudguard
  • Handle Bar
  • Handle bar switches
  • Monograms and indicator lenses (got one but need 3 more)
  • Front and Rear Rims and Rear Tyre
  • Rear Shocks
  • Petrol tank tab - Petrol fuel petcock
  • Barrels
Blue color ones are available from one of my friend (but used ones), hence I will pick them up too. However If I could get new ones I'm more interested.

Red colored ones are already found OE makes

Rajdoot RD350 LT - Specifications

Engine Specifications:
347cc 2-stroke Twin Cylinder (Parallel)
Air-cooled Torque Induction
Stock 27 bhp @ 6000 rpm for LT,
this bike's figures unknown with HT cylinders & exhaust
3.1 kgm @ 5500 rpm
Bore & Stroke - 64mm x 54 mm (x2)
Compression 6.6:1

Turbocharger & Induction:
Twin Mikuni VM-28

Fuel & Tuning:

R Chinoy's Programmable Digital Ignition Kit from RD Dreams


Stock HT Pipes

Constant mesh, 6 forward gears
Wet 7-disc clutch
Gear Ratios:
1st 2.571
2nd 1.777
3rd 1.318
4th 1.040
5th 0.888
6th 0.785
Stock top-speed 130 kmph, clocked upto 145 kmph after modifications, with more to go.

Suspension, wheels & tires:

Front - Telescopic Oil damped Forks
Rear - Adjustable Coil Spring with Oil Dampers on Swing Arm


Length - 2040 mm
Width - 880 mm
Height - 1110 mm
Wheelbase 1320 mm
Weight - 150 kg dry

Front - 3.00-18-4Ply Nylon
Rear - 3.75-18-4Ply Nylon

Friday, May 23, 2008

Yamaha RD350 LT @ my house

From this post onwards I will call my Rajdoot RD350 known as Yamaha RD350 worldwide. Here is a much better picture of my RD350.
This is the day I could see the smiling Yamaha bikes talking(roaring??) each other in my house behind my Mahindra Classic Jeep. The brothers Yamaha RX100 and Yamaha RD350 seems to be so glad to meet. As they are meeting first time in their life I heard they saying "Hajime mashite" - A greeting exchanged in Japanese language.
Since my RX100 was parked in my office when I went to brought the RD350, I had to take one of my colleague's help to drive it back home. he he he I took my RD350 to office today. While returning from office, both the legends were allowed to drink their favorite fuel (Petrol). Even at the petrol bank I could see the brothers to stay together.
Prior to take it to the bike doctor, I'm assessing the most important issues to be addressed at fire fighting speed. After which the original restoration of color and chrome going to start. There is also legal work to bring the bike papers into current state.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rajdoot RD350 LT

A only two wheeler sold all over the world without much modifications, Yamaha RD350 got introduced to India in a collaboration with Rajdoot and Yamaha Japan. It was great failure when introduced, hardly people dare to look at the bike for buying intention. So the company pulled out the bike from market. Later on that bike become success in Second hand market, an ever wanted and highly priced and super performance with no fuel saving bike.
It's almost a bike of many Indians. My search for this bike dates back to 90s but I never thought I will own one. But it had happen, here is my bike. My Rajdoot (Yamaha) RD350.These are the initial look of my Bike when picked up from a 15 year single handed owner. He kept the bike right from the delivery of the bike from dealer till handing it over to me. probably he kept it for me to come and buy it. However it was a sad moment for the kids of the ex-owner to part the bike, they accepted quickly to pose with the bike.The bike was actually red in color as per the RC book, but the ex-owner changed it to Black. No doubt I will make sure the beauty gets into its original shape and color.As I see this bike didn't have much issue in restoration, except painting and chroming I'm more comfortable with it.
The pictures were taken with mobile camera hence lower quality, I will try to bring up more clear pictures in the future posts.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


It's happening, I'm under transition to get upgraded to super bike.....

WAIT and WATCH this space for upcoming restoration project of a YAMAHA RD350