Friday, August 15, 2008

Savager - My RD350

This post is to let the world know I'm naming my RD350 as "Savager". The adjective is marked by extreme and violent energy.
Now you know how good the name matches to the bike. I thank my Jeep Guru "Mr.UBS" for giving a suggestion on this name.Today after a first drive to office, I found couple of teething issue hence the bike has been sent back to the mechanic to fix the problems. Looks like the engine advances faster than the normal and same will be corrected today.
My trip to Bangalore fixed to fetch the missing spares for the RD350 today.

Update: Some one asked me about the tube that runs between the manifolds like "what is it in between the block and the cabs ........ the pipe joining the 2rubbers.......can u pls explain what is it for.... " I answered him with the below email, I'm posting it here to answer as many as who can get same query.

This is modern manifold design found on the Banshee / RZ350, with Balance tube. The balance tube will help cure flat spots, improve throttle response and mileage. It works like a boost bottle. The design acts like a reed stuffer. Unlike the stock RD/RZ manifolds where your intake velocity drops sharply as it enters the reed cage. These manifolds improve and sustain higher in take velocity.
To improver further we can go with Boost bottle setup, Just need to replace the balance tube with the boost bottle. The Manifold stays as such.


pravinamins said...

Hey Dude, neat and clean restored.


Best regards


Anuroop said...

u have any kerala registred rd 350 for sale,with full condition

varunraj said...

Hi Dude,
My house is also in Velachery. I live in Baby Nagar, which also was flooded, last year. I was not in India when the floods happened. I used to have a very good RX100, which was completely customized by me. It was a single seater, with an open air-intake and powered it by widening the exhaust/intake port ratios. Before I came to the US, I drove once at 110 on the whole strecth of the 80ft taramani road, and this ceased my rx100 engine. With plans of fixing it, I had left it in India, but the floods destroyed it.

I am now looking for the more powerful RD350. I like the silver RD in the pics. Let me know if your mechanic is still selling them, or if you know anyone selling an RD.

I will need to pay from here(US), and will need someone to drop off the bike at my house(Baby Nagar).

Please let me know if you can help in this regard.