Sunday, July 20, 2008

Desired Gift for RD350

Some time I desperately search for something without luck in finding them in time. But some times the moment I think I need this one for some purpose I get the desired item by some other way instantly. You know what that happen to my RD350 restoration dreams recently. Yes, as the engine build up is on the spin, I was thinking I will get one set of good screw kit which are not iron made to prevent rust formation.

My friend who is well known in JEEP, RD350 and Yezdi clubs with the nick name MadBull Ram returned from US of A recently with a the above said desired gift. I don’t think if anything else would have made me so much excited, we in India don’t even have a wish list to express the desired gifts but he is a real predictor. We didn’t even meet before, but he predicted my pulse and brought me a set of engine screw kit for the RD350. He has gifted the set of stainless steel screw kit(Alan key type) from US of A for me to use in my RD350. My heartfelt thanks to Madbull RAM for such a precious gift.The kit was packed in a sealed compartments with exact numbers required for complete engine build-up. The screws,nuts and washers are superior in quality and the way it was presented made me to think, why in the hell here in India we don’t have such “packaged micro parts” for the RD350?


Madbull-Ram said...

Most welcome Siva. This is my way of saying thanks to someone who has the passion to restore the RD350 to all its glory :)

Yasser said...

Could you please let me know from where in US u got these spare parts, my brother stays in US.Please provide me the contact details.