Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bye Bye Bye RD350

All you have not noticed any updates on this page, the most regrettable loss that I had in the recent past is to sell my RD350.

Yes, the bike I have been building with full my heart is not with me now and it is in Trivandrum the original registered location of the fast and furious bike.

Prior to sell the bike, it had under gone the following changes

1. Sleeved standard size cinders have been installed
2. Cylinders have been ported to High Torque specifications
3. Cylinder head has been converted from Low Torque to High Torque by shaving the surface by trained professionals in tuners work shop
4. New Jets and Pilot have been changed in the Mikuni carburetor (Main Jet 140 and Air Screw pilot 30)
5. Brand new HT Silencers have been installed

Hence the bike has been converted completely to HT specs. After the complete change, I drove the bike to Trivandrum by road (approximately 1000kms from Chennai)

on the way to the destination the bike had issue in the carburetor due to excessive fuel being supplied to the cylinders by slow speed jets. The same has been later replaced in Coimbatore en-route to Trivandrum. It was performed by Sundar Rajan the RD350 mechanic in Coimbatore.
After that the bike was flying like anything and gave 26kmpl fuel economy constantly. I was amazed by the final drive that my Savager extended to me and I wish all the best to the Savager and its new owner.

Adieu Yamaha RD350.

:::from now on this blog will be closed permanently:::