Thursday, July 24, 2008

RD350 - Restoration assembly unit

Tic Tic Tic... There is a progress, every moment I call the mechanic I hear he saying some thing or other getting improved and results are validated. As he stated the frame is set on assembly unit ;-) for consolidating spare parts into a complete bike.Yesterday as he was assembling the bike and now I would like to Introduce Mr.Pattabi - Yamaha RD350 Mechanic in here. He is my official mechanic and one of the well known name in Chennai,India for Yamaha RD350. The garage is filled with parts related to RD350's and quite a few RACE bike's.I visit the garage once in a while and when visited the garage yesterday this was what happening with my bike. The new chrome plated spokes and the rim were first impression and attraction yesterday as it was placed on the street side of the garage.
Almost all the body parts are wearing new coat of paint or plating. Look at the engine covers they are real eye-catchers.
The broken engine cover was replaced with another used one, but now no one will say it is used. After the painting and puffing the covers are too good.The aluminum parts were gone through puffing process so they look illuminating. Especially the wheel hubs where one got to see the most of exposed aluminium surface.The heads and blocks were looking real nice, since we didn't re-bore the power terrain, this bike got nothing to worry about the performance related areas. As my bike never had issue with performance. Only that it was crying for new dress and body work.Even the steel parts were made to look new, I don't have any idea how could he make the most dirty part of my bike (the sprocket) to look as if just out from the factory.

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