Saturday, August 23, 2008

Essential Consumables & Tools - Yamaha RD350

This is time to start collecting the essential spares(consumables) and tools for my RD350. Guys pour all your inputs so I can start collecting them. I need the exact tool that needs to be placed under the seat of RD350.

As I was reading through some of the fellow RD350 owner's blogs I have found everyone keeping a set of spare spark plug, hence here it goes. I just got a set of MICO (BOSCH licenced) manufactured in Hosur road of Adugodi, Bangalore. You please let me know is there any other better brand I can use in my RD350. Have seen the internet people suggesting NGK etc. is it really matters to use costlier replacement than of made in India stuffs ? if yes, let me know why?Apart from the spark plugs, currently nothing available with me as spare for my RD350. Though I have some idea of what are the other consumables to be carried along such as
  • Clutch cable
  • and Accelerator cable
and the Owners Tool Kit

The Owners tools provided in the owners tool kit are sufficient for performing the service as described in the lubrication and maintenance chart
  • Spanner open jaw 7 x 10
  • Spanner open jaw 13 x 17
  • Spanner open jaw 19 x 22
  • Screw Driver Combination slotted & Phillips type
  • Grip Driver (Box spanner 13)
  • Box spanner 17 x 21
  • Cap Grip Driver
  • Spanner Point 5.5 x 8
  • Plier
  • Hexogon Socket Screw Key 5A/F"
  • Spanner special 22 x 30
Location: Below Fuel Tank

Let me know if you guys found something is missing on my list. Will soon update each and ever item that I have listed above with a picture displayed after I procure them.

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