Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nothing but RD350 attracts all

I used park my RD 350 outside my house to see how is the reason of passer by people. I have many episodes of experience from different stories, lots of fun watching.
Last weekend I got my friend visiting the house and she saw the bike to my surprise she also jumped immideately into the bike and posed to the camera.

RD ROCKS as always.... Long live RD

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stanley headlight beam - Yamaha RD350

After the CDI installation, I was not really having time to take the bike for a swing. Lately last week I touched up with the bike and went on riding to office. Wow... it was as always a pleasure fly.As and update, the bike is now wearing brand new Stanley headlight beam and after the CDI the halogen power also increased hence double gain.
I took these pictures in mobile camera hence sorry for the poor quality, will post some latest good quality pictures soon.

Instead of creating a new blog I thought I will update this blog post itself. As I've started using the RD for regular office commuting I'm experiencing many episodes of RD drive. These days my Mahindra Classic jeep and RD350 are sharing my daily office travel.Today a small tiny bike called Pulsar crossed my way asking me to race with him, I think the kid who drove the bike did some modifications in his tiny moped called Pulsar thought that the mods he did will make him over take the RD in a straight line.

I didn't really give an attention to him, but he opened the throttle with clutch applied again and again calling me to compete. hmmm my Savager roared thats it, I was in my office parking lot.
I didn't really know what happen to the kid who called me to race with him. Probably he is not trying with a cyclist. My best wishes to him.