Friday, May 23, 2008

Yamaha RD350 LT @ my house

From this post onwards I will call my Rajdoot RD350 known as Yamaha RD350 worldwide. Here is a much better picture of my RD350.
This is the day I could see the smiling Yamaha bikes talking(roaring??) each other in my house behind my Mahindra Classic Jeep. The brothers Yamaha RX100 and Yamaha RD350 seems to be so glad to meet. As they are meeting first time in their life I heard they saying "Hajime mashite" - A greeting exchanged in Japanese language.
Since my RX100 was parked in my office when I went to brought the RD350, I had to take one of my colleague's help to drive it back home. he he he I took my RD350 to office today. While returning from office, both the legends were allowed to drink their favorite fuel (Petrol). Even at the petrol bank I could see the brothers to stay together.
Prior to take it to the bike doctor, I'm assessing the most important issues to be addressed at fire fighting speed. After which the original restoration of color and chrome going to start. There is also legal work to bring the bike papers into current state.


abby wattacheril said...


abby wattacheril said...

see siva after completing the restoration work let me know the tuning programme .prefer indipendant tuning then only u will get the accurate result stay in touch .....

abby wattacheril said...

hi siva, today i found the rear brake
pedal& rear swing arm bolt with its original bush in good condition but unfortunately the nut is missing.anyhow i know u can manage in the morning itself i send it to u through professional couriers.... may be tomorrow u will get it.....ok

dg said...

dude u plannin to sell ur rd..???