Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rajdoot RD350 LT - Specifications

Engine Specifications:
347cc 2-stroke Twin Cylinder (Parallel)
Air-cooled Torque Induction
Stock 27 bhp @ 6000 rpm for LT,
this bike's figures unknown with HT cylinders & exhaust
3.1 kgm @ 5500 rpm
Bore & Stroke - 64mm x 54 mm (x2)
Compression 6.6:1

Turbocharger & Induction:
Twin Mikuni VM-28

Fuel & Tuning:

R Chinoy's Programmable Digital Ignition Kit from RD Dreams


Stock HT Pipes

Constant mesh, 6 forward gears
Wet 7-disc clutch
Gear Ratios:
1st 2.571
2nd 1.777
3rd 1.318
4th 1.040
5th 0.888
6th 0.785
Stock top-speed 130 kmph, clocked upto 145 kmph after modifications, with more to go.

Suspension, wheels & tires:

Front - Telescopic Oil damped Forks
Rear - Adjustable Coil Spring with Oil Dampers on Swing Arm


Length - 2040 mm
Width - 880 mm
Height - 1110 mm
Wheelbase 1320 mm
Weight - 150 kg dry

Front - 3.00-18-4Ply Nylon
Rear - 3.75-18-4Ply Nylon


lianpu2001 said...

I really appreciate the passion for bike thats expressed through your own blog. Even I am a bike lover with very little knowledge of the detail. I would like to know what is the difference between air-cooled, liquid-cooled and oil-cooled engines ?

Sivakumar said...


The difference is simple, how to cool the cylinder.


Water-cooled motorcycles have a radiator (exactly like the radiator on a car) which is the primary way their heat is dispersed. Coolant is constantly circulated between this radiator and the cylinders when the engine is running. While most dirt oriented motorcycles have no radiator fan, and rely on air flowing over the radiators from the forward motion of the motorcycle, many road going motorcycles have a small fan attached to the radiator which is controlled by a thermostat. The cooling effect of this fan is enough to prevent the engine overheating in most conditions, so water-cooled bikes are safe to use in a city, where traffic may frequently be at a standstill.

Emissions regulations and the market demand for maximum power are driving the motorcycle industry to water-cooling for most motorcycles. Even Harley-Davidson, a strong advocate of air-cooled motors, has begun producing a Revolution water-cooled engine.]


Most air cooled motorcycles take advantage of air blowing past the cylinder and cylinder head while in motion, to disperse heat. Frequent, sustained stationary periods may cause over-heating. Some models (mostly scooters) are equipped with fans that force the air to go past the cylinder block, which solves the problem of city driving. The cylinders on air cooled bikes are designed with fins (heat sinks) to aid in this process. Air cooled bikes are cheaper, simpler and lighter than their water-cooled counterparts.


Some manufacturers use a hybrid cooling method where engine oil is circulated between the engine case and a small radiator. Here the oil doubles as cooling liquid, prompting the name "oil-cooling." Suzuki has produced many "oil-cooled" motorcycles.

suhas said...

from where can i buy a rpm penium set??

suhas said...


manil said...

what effect will it have when we have a bigger rear wheel...

Avtar said...

Mannnnnnnnnnn i have run the 350 on 180 in the 5th gear but it ma last speed then ma level of cofident became low.According to me The High Torque runs on 210 km/kr.Mannnnnn its a true flying machine

Adams Luqman said...

what is the difference between RD 350 LT and HT?

Anand Kumar said...

HT is of 30.5 BHP and LT is of 27 BHP
In a 2 stroke, you can also improve the power by increasing the exhaust port without any change in induction. HT cylinders have wider exhaust ports.

Japan made HT bikes have non-tapered exhaust pipes (just like RXZ's)

Indian made HT bikes have slightly blunt (at the edge) exhaust pipes

LT bikes have tapered exhausts at the edges

Anand Kumar said...

bigger means radius or thickness?

let me answer for both.

If you have a wheel of larger diameter, it'll reduce the torque and you need to open the throttle more when you release the bike from idling to motion in first Gear, but the larger diameter wheel may also increase the mileage to a lesser extent, depending on bike. there will be small change in handling. It may also reduce the stress on engine and increases the smoothness if you have larger diameter wheels on both the ends. Just compare with trolley bags. you'll feel the smoothness of larger wheel bag when compared to the one with smaller wheel.

RX and RDs are always the handling kings. So, in motocross and rallies, they used 16 inch wheels on supra SS because the stock AX100s, Supra's, Shoguns and Shaolins are a little poor in handling when compared to RX100, RXZ, RXG, RX 135 etc.

Coming to the second point, Thick tyres improve the traction when you travel straight, but'll have adverse effects when you lean, bend, turn or corner.

Anand Kumar said...

The fastest ever achieved in India by an RD 1s 220 kmph and that too after tuning the bike to 85 bhp instead of the stock 30.5 BHP. That bike was ridden at sriperumbuthur race track, had 25 ltr tank, and the weight has been redced to less than 100 kg by removing all extra parts and customizing.
It also feautured a custom front fairing similar to Ducati 1098.

RD (HT) never exceeds 165 kmph without tuning. If it shows 180 kmph, must either be a speedo error, or you might have changed to a front wheel of smaller radius, which magnifies the speed in the display.

Ananthakrishnan V K said...

Hi Anand,

I am planning to buy a Yamaha RD 350.I have two bullets with me one 1988 model and the other is a new classic.I have not been much with other bikes and not so addicted to speed.But the cult status RD is having and its retro looks attracted me to this bike.So my concerns are:
1) I don't want a blasting exhaust sound as I heard from many videos.Is there any way to reduce the sounds to normal/minimal (exhaust)?
2) The things I have to give top priority(engine side) if I am looking for a Low Torque RD?

Hope you will reply my concerns

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