Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rajdoot RD350 LT

A only two wheeler sold all over the world without much modifications, Yamaha RD350 got introduced to India in a collaboration with Rajdoot and Yamaha Japan. It was great failure when introduced, hardly people dare to look at the bike for buying intention. So the company pulled out the bike from market. Later on that bike become success in Second hand market, an ever wanted and highly priced and super performance with no fuel saving bike.
It's almost a bike of many Indians. My search for this bike dates back to 90s but I never thought I will own one. But it had happen, here is my bike. My Rajdoot (Yamaha) RD350.These are the initial look of my Bike when picked up from a 15 year single handed owner. He kept the bike right from the delivery of the bike from dealer till handing it over to me. probably he kept it for me to come and buy it. However it was a sad moment for the kids of the ex-owner to part the bike, they accepted quickly to pose with the bike.The bike was actually red in color as per the RC book, but the ex-owner changed it to Black. No doubt I will make sure the beauty gets into its original shape and color.As I see this bike didn't have much issue in restoration, except painting and chroming I'm more comfortable with it.
The pictures were taken with mobile camera hence lower quality, I will try to bring up more clear pictures in the future posts.


ravi said...

congrts buddy fr ur efforts dt u hd finally got a rajdoot rd350
ds bike kn nt b easily forgoten yaar
really we wewrent prepared to accept this machine in80s
while painting try to retain rajdoot tag to it coz rajdoot tag adds a touch of indianess wd yamahas classic appeal

Sivakumar said...

Thanks Ravi. will consider your suggestion. If you know the spares i listed in available somewhere do let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hi siva,

first of all congrats for your RD...
i am also on the lookout for an RD.. i am in Hyderabad...
can you point me to someone who can help me in finding a good RD350

Contact me @

joseph said...

HI Siva can u mail me de details of a person who is willing to sell RD350 in hyderabad.... and you can get de spares of RD350 at Ratiwal spares ramkote, hyderabad.


Plzzzzzzz do not forget to do de favour

guriqbal said...

nice bike there

Can u tell me frm where did u get the clutch plates,i saw the pics it says packed date as 18 sept 2007....are they available anywhere in india..
I would appreciate your reply.
Do u have a spare Generator emblem (license yamaha ),if yes,i would like to buy it if thts fine with you.

unni said...

Hi siva you've done a great job.where did u get plating n painting,am in search of RD.

Praveen said...

Hi Siva. Am also in chennai. Please let me know where can i a RD 350. Please am pleading you bro. Reply ASAP