Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rajdoot RD350 LT has reached the operation theater and now almost all the truth about my bike’s internals for dummies.My bike has a standard unsleaved barrel with .50 or 2nd over size piston as recommended by Yamaha.
The piston is TKR, Japan make as I could read the letters from inner sidewall of the piston.I’m lucky to hear that barrels and bore are in good condition and not required for any attention. It saved my pocked heavily.
Though the initial observation proved that the bike got the CDI kit & Magneto of Yamaha RX135Another great thing is that my crank connector rods are not having much ply however a look like the bearing needs attention. Probably Crankshaft is also needs to be reset with a professional during the restoration of my bike.
It’s been officially decided that the bike will be painted with Red in color, Chrome plating of originally chrome parts and puffing all aluminium areas.The actually spares requirement seems to be reduced a bit, though I will get more details after opening up the transmission and clutch case of the bike.
Expect more on this space about my RD restoration.

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