Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yamaha NOS Standard pistons arrived

Wanted to see how my bike rides with a Standard size piston kit, quickly got a freshly sleeved barrels and original ART piston kit from Japan.
Are RD350 LC and RD350 AC pistons are same ? What you see above is a RD350 Liquid Cooled cylinder's piston

I have got a set of Original NOS Yamaha ART pistons shipped from overseas with the part number reading 4L0-11631-00.

I'm now confused as the part number search from google resulted that this Piston is a LC piston. Anyone got an idea if the same piston could be used in Air Cooled RD350 ? I'm only looking at the compatibility of LC and AC pistons.

Since both the bikes are 350CC and I guess the pison or the cylinder inner dia should match right ? Even if it matches is there any issue in the material used ? too many questions right, thats where my mind is working now. Soon I will get the answer and proceed with the plan.

I hope to do this experiment in the near future to drive the bike in standard sleeved barrels with original yamaha pistons.


CrossfitBillings(FWD) said...

Hey, is RD Dreams still in business? I remeber they had a ton of cool rd stuff.

Bharani said...

Hi Sivakumar,
I just happened to look at your page. The Fact is that the port Map of LC's and Air cooled Rd's are different. Even if you want to remap the cylinders(which can be done) you need precision works. .1mm here and there will screw up your parts. Best to do is re-map the cylinders according to the port of the pistons and also check with the Guys who sleeved your engine:) One more tip if for so much effort you could re-sleeve with Al than Cast iron it would be fantastic:)
Hope this was useful

RAJ said...

Hi Sivakumar,

Warm Greetings,

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