Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yamaha RD350 back to home

Its been 2 months since I left the bike at my old mechanic Pattabi's workshop. I'm not sure, if my evaluation is correct about Pattabi as he was the one who restored my bike to perfect condition. By I always had second thoughts about his trouble shooting and performance tuning knowledge.

This has been proved in the recent incident as my bike had issues with the newly installed CDI kit and pattabi couldn't fix it for about 2 months. He kept saying that the kit had some problems and needs replacement. Hence another tuner helped me fixing the CDI kit which had actually no issues and only the configuration problem.

Now the bike is back to its feet and along with that now the Bike runs with a brand new NGK performance spark plugs and brand new battery.
Ok, guys listen very soon my bike is going to wear the Yamaha RD350 fairing, I got a person who can replicate the original like fairing for me.
Just looked at his previous work and amazed. So my order for the similar fairing has been already on queue.


kousalya said...

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rohit k said...

hey shiva i too need this fairing for my bike ....wat is the means to get it ...if u let me know the details we can carry forward on this issue....


Hey i just needed the glass viso for that fairing can u pls help me