Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nothing but RD350 attracts all

I used park my RD 350 outside my house to see how is the reason of passer by people. I have many episodes of experience from different stories, lots of fun watching.
Last weekend I got my friend visiting the house and she saw the bike to my surprise she also jumped immideately into the bike and posed to the camera.

RD ROCKS as always.... Long live RD


Avinav said...

Are the bikes and cars for sale? Or you are just collecting the beauties..........?

Spice Odyssey said...

I have a '85model HT. having a problem with the 4th Gear.. it slips.. any idea what should be wrong??
I need oil seal at the kick starter rod..
side cover at timing side ( cover at the platinum point side).. it fell on the road and a bus ran over it.. partially damaged.
can you help??
my mail id is: